Allen & Heath GL 4 - 40 channel Mixing Console for sale 

$450 (Pickup price 44256)

Great for churches, rehearsal rooms, house PA or any permanent usage as it is rather large for live gig use. 

This mixer was originally used in a church, then a rehearsal studio. Has not been used on the road. This is a “must sell” item and priced accordingly at $450.00 cash.  (Local pick up only 44256)  

To my knowledge all works however we only used a few channels and not all 40 have been used or tested.  Unit is sold as is. 

The following is an Allen & Heath web site description. 

GL4 is a dual function live mixer, allowing it to work in front-of-house, monitoring or combined roles. It also provides extensive facilities for live or studio recording. This great flexibility, coupled with a high ‘bang for buck’ feature set, made it a popular choice for PA rental companies and multi-function venues. The GL4 design was enhanced and upgraded to the GL4000 in the second half of 1996.